The Dark Age: All the Magic is Gone Webcomic Preview Ian Struckhoff's Black Label Comics - Blog Black Label Comics is an independently published comic book imprint and anthology written by Ian Struckhoff. Many of our stories feature the worlds of ongoing series The Deathlings, Huginn & Muninn, and The Dark Age.
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What is The Dark Age?
Creators of "The Dark Age: All the Magic is Gone" - Writer: Ian Struckhoff - Line Artist: Rosaria Battiloro - Color Artist: Paulina Vassileva
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Detective Sandra Cash knows better than anyone that she lives in a city with a dark underbelly, but she doesn't understand what kind of world she lives in. The changes when, while investigating a series of grisly murders, she meets a man who some people claim is an Angel, or something even more mysterious and fantastic.
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All the Magic is Gone...

September 12th, 2010 - Ian Struckhoff

Pretty girls.


Night life.


This city has everything.

Homicide detective Sandra Cash and her partner are tracking a serial killer whose only pattern seems to be that's he is murdering pretty young girls who dress… well, let's say "daringly".

Despite being perhaps even more observant and hard-working than most detectives, Sandra isn't catching any breaks on this case. There's precious little evidence, and no sign of a motive.

The one lucky break is one that could shatter their partnership, and leave Sandra all but alone in a very dark place. Her frustration could lead her to discover a man who shouldn't exist, and reveal the true nature of her world...

All the Magic is Gone is the first story arc in an ongoing series that I'm writing, with artwork by Rosaria Battiloro and Paulina Vassileva. You can read how it all begins in the preview story "Untitled Masterpieces".