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Huginn & Muninn: Blood Brothers #1 - Preview Pages
September 12th, 2010 - Ian Struckhoff

The first story arc of Huginn & Muninn is titled "Blood Brothers", for three different reasons. Below is a preview from Issue #1.

Let's see how Huginn and Muninn each work out that their latest appearances in the world aren't normal, and if they work out either where they are, or why...

Huginn & Muninn: Blood Brothers #1 - Page 1 - At Yggdrasil

Huginn & Muninn #1 - Pages 2 & 3 - Huginn finds himself in a club-- as a stripper

Come back often, for more updates. We'll continue to show new pages from time to time. If you'd like to read the entire preview, you'll find it in Black Label Comics #1 available for pre-order now via our Kickstarter.

Reviewers and other members of the press, please contact Ian Struckhoff for review copies or web access.

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