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Who are Huginn & Muninn?
Creators of "Huginn & Muninn: Blood Brothers" - Writer: Ian Struckhoff - Illustrator: Jonathan Wyke
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Each day, we two fly over Asgard and thus Odin Allfather knows all there is of the First World. And each night, we fly from the limbs of the great world tree, Yggdrasil, to Midgard and thus Odin One-Eyed knows all there is of the Fifth World. One brother, Muninn, is born of Odin's Memory. The other, Huginn, springs from Odin's Thought. All we see, he understands and remembers. It is in this way that Odin Grimner ensures he will always be master of the Nine Worlds, through both cunning and might.
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Good Goddamn Question

September 12th, 2010 - Ian Struckhoff

Here's the thing. Like their "father" Odin, the ravens Huginn and Muninn can be hard to pin down. One thing you can say is that they can each, in their own way, be a bit of a bastard.

Imagine you had spent the last few thousand years spending all night every night flying in the form of a raven over the beautiful but harsh land of Asgard, and every night in the body of some stupid human exploring the frankly boring world of Midgard-- Earth.

Then imagine that something changes, and you keep showing up in places that don't make any sense. If you're Huginn, you'll try to figure it out. If you're Muninn, you'll probably swear about it-- if you ever work out that it's unusual. From there, the two can put their heads together, and who knows what happens next.

Huginn & Muninn is a comic book I'm writing, illustrated by Jonathan Wyke. It is based on some ancient Norse myths, by way of a series of stories and photos that I have been working on for the last decade. We think it's going to be fairly unique. The first story arc, Blood Brothers, is the twin ravens' chance to figure out what the hell is happening-- hopefully not too late.

You can check out a free webcomic preview here, or read the first eight pages of our first issue in Black Label Comics #1-- available for pre-order now via our Kickstarter.

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